Monday, February 4, 2008

more more more

Here's some more poetry of the bi-weekly, untitled variety.

untitled 2012

easy, honey.

don’t fall asleep with the horror movie on.


your time soul soul.


just climb out of wells with bare


it is good to wait for the rising tides,


dream of better worlds,

to hide the best of your


chance the cold night with me.

go the distance.

in seven days,


week one



we’ll go down into the valley


cut the longest strands


our hair. leave it there.


so frivolous matters


and then, after many months of wandering,


come back to the same bedroom. the


will be over

and then, gently,

rest your head



wild and free

untitled 2118

when are we

going to see, sights and


through blessed eyes of peace”

she asks, fighting


a recent flu.

the sky grows purple, full

of heavy mist,

full and terrible.

but she smiles.

Cindy the dream has

had a knack for

the mystic.

all her life, created only


uncreate the drab drowsiness

clipped to the average day.

it is in her little life,

the movements of her limbs,

across the fields of unseen dust,

the change, the casual change


that she says,

“all of sorrow is gladness.

all of life is good.

to be and to dance, to die and to


to feel pain


to grab whatever one may,

is holy.

it is not too late,

not now or not ever,

heaven or hell,

we all have chances to see clearly and to see the ocean.”

it makes sense to her,

in her

blood and in her flesh


sickly coughing,

Cindy can’t understand anyone else


untitled 2234

the goal is to be closer to happiness

every time

love is had


but you’re a shell. broken darkness.


empty parlor on the boulevard.

don’t get disheartened.

it is easy

to become hollow like dancing

with a slut.

it is easy to drown in a river.

it is so much harder to take a black

eye from a good



it so much harder to

make love

after a year long absence of anything but

devils in dresses


1 comment:

kathryn said...

re: 2012
I like the line "don’t fall asleep with the horror movie on."

But where is the closing parenthesis?

Also, I wondered--are your poems double spaced, or is that supposed to just be a line break?