Tuesday, May 26, 2009

so it get's slow, but here you go

Hey guys, I've been busy working on my other blogs (dun dun dun) bohococo and dumbsville , but here oh here is some more poetry for you. And just wait for it: an announcement of an upcoming show to be posted soon to this blog! Holy crapnuggets! (that's not part of the poem)


he lived life in the empty margins of the shopping market parking
eating grasshoppers and dreaming
of morphine and a glass girl who slipped
beyond him on morning jogs into the tool
shack of a neighbor’s yard.
the ramshackled red tin veneer bled beauty into the
morning sky

and he assailed on into the mystic with legs beating
the concrete with a blue band tight
his head.

Friday, May 8, 2009

another poem, another series

Hey guys, I wrote a series of six poems called "Dreams of the magi." Here's the final poem. Let me know if you want more.

dreams of the magi: empty glass

when their
had exhausted, their journey near
finished, the wise
men stopped at a tiny village
and held ceremony together
with a bottle of wine.
the three drank and remembered
they had vowed not to
learn another’s names.

when the glass emptied, the third
magi stood and spoke.

“I am tired of this.
only, no, I am tired
of having to be this; I want
to have dreams unburdened,
my friends. I would
to be a small child myself,
to be that savior that
only must live, and if living,
dream, and if dreaming,
simply imagine a world that
could be and to not care
if it
comes, if it goes. brothers,
I do not know your names. if you
were to leave, to pass, wander again
in different ways, it would be
all the same.
no one is born to fulfill a responsibility,
yet we have devoured the desert,
tramped the dunes, come to this establishment,
drank the wine. what of
that? who will sing now, and happily?

I had a dream last night where I saw myself
in this very moment breaking a glass.”

his empty wine glass was a lover; daunting yet
he clutched it close to his face and
began to sob.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

did you think I'd forget about my pretty ones?

Hey guys, here's a new poem. And followers, please follow me along to the two new blogs I'm doing as well (bohococo.blogspot.com and dumbsville.blogspot.com). Thanks, groovy people. Boho!

catalogue: D

D is for the grand failures,
the sore economies,
the bungled adventures, and all
robbed and beaten whores
in alleyways collecting
the remnants of beautiful wigs
about by scoundrels and varmints;

other things occupy the same
space as love on rainy days:
grey gargoyle bits:
pistol fools:
sour milk:
mashed teeth:
mittens and kitten hearts:
painful soliloquies:
architects’ sobriety:
tardy students;

oloph and erggo
and arriivvii
and the sim sim;

go in the gusto, kid, grab
your rain coat
and slip it down the drain
into the wonderworld
of the forgotten beasts;

I saw a mother pick up the
little kids with two hands
and push them about, slinking
with bravado the grand
structure of do-this and

in the season, we as such want our
best friends to make us
pretty, to construct a myth of our
liking, and to push us down
a ravine

Monday, May 4, 2009

new new new

Hey freaks, how's it going? Well, guess what? Christopher's got himself two new blogs (and so can you!). First off, all the regular arty/writerly posts that have been featured here for over a year are now mostly going to be posted on:


so definitely stay with me and check out the later adventures of the Savage there. The other blog is going to be a comedy blog that will sate my desires towards what-the-hell ever:


and I have to say, the first post already has me feeling the good ol' blog fever. Finally, not to worry: I'll still post from time to time here. The main reason for the two new blogs, however, are such that I'm kind of tired of the name 'austinnewblog' and after dada month, I felt the tinge of electric creativity bite me hard, and wanted two new outlets to really explore what was happening already. So we got new forms, the future is change. Stay with me folks. Make the transition. Okay. Boho Coco!