Monday, June 29, 2009

typed page from Co-Lab show 4

Hey hey hello hi hey there hello, it's been some time because my freaking a/c decided to break right when we were hitting the lovely temperatures of above 100 degrees here in Austin, but blah blah blah, nobody wants to hear my troubles. They want to hear me reading randomly typed poetry. Yeah! Dig! More from the Boho Coco performance at Co-Lab. Say, will you be there on the 4th to buy some art?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

typed page from Co-Lab show 3

Here some more of that type you guys go crazy for. Random poetry typed from a performance at Co-Lab. Gee, guys, how swell. Check out:, for more.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

typed page reading 2

Here is another page of type from the Boho Coco show last Saturday at Co-Lab. For more, go to: Wheee!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

written messages from limbo 1

Hey guys, I'm going to be posting some pages of random typing taken from various guests at our performance last week at Co-Lab. It sure was fun. Check out:, too, for additional material on these pages. And for austin new blog: I give you my recorded reading of the typed page! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

thanks a mil

Hey guys, to all that came to Co-Lab last Saturday for our show 'in limbo.' Here's a new poem (and the picture is from the show too).

robert antoni: zero three two zero

sleep is a weak coil
we rattle
to defile our dreams
and begin hocus

hey, girl,
it’s a glass of brandy
so toss it down
a flight of midnight

the old man hacks it down in
the alley

oh we so wise

and the other night still
the universe rolled over itself
and we all passed
a moment
in one another’s life.

the bakery catches fire.

two zero.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2001 vol 3 part 5

Hey guys, business as usual, more poems posted from my series dedicated to Kubrick's
'2001' light show scene. Check out: boho coco, for more space adventures. See you at Co-Lab on Saturday.

2001 part 3 5

call me by my given

I am Zedarius

of the others

and I have come with my
space ships

to take you away

strange dimensions.

it is of you to fall
and ring out your
wrists upon the firmament.

stars have no luck
as we.

we are the born sons of the nova

and we have had all our
flesh consecrated
the endless loops
of spacetime

come and be my lover

I am Zedarius and
I have

lived alone some time in the expanse of the nothing

Monday, June 8, 2009

2001 vol 3 part 4

Hey guys, do you like to watch movies about space travel? I sure do. Boy oh boy, here's the next part in my series of poems dedicated to Stanley Kubric's lightshow scene from '2001.' Oh joy. Hey, check this out too for more space adventure: boho coco.

2001 part 3 4

I have lived upon a purple

while in the middle
of combing
my flesh with
the bones of dead giants

I saw old meteors clunking around the heavens

kicking space dust
and ice trails into the ever
deadening ether.

it is not the sage advice of all
to cross the stars and
find love there.

it is the old wisdom of men
tiny arcs of spin
and gravity

that we should live here
and be simple

and beware.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

2001 vol 3 part 3

Da da! Here's the next poem! Check out: boho coco for more space adventures. Hey, come to Co-Lab Saturday night!

2001 part 3 3

the last transmission
from galaxy


was of beautiful poetry,
children in meadows,

the churlish interest of space pilots crashing
lunar landers,

the olfactory centers of small
towns blown vanilla
loose into turgid landfills,

the images of old men
bathing themselves in salt oceans,
the sound
of a discotheque gone
awry in flame,

the thoughts of two lovers sat alone in a cave
tossing matches at each other.

XXYZ is the name
for god

some have claimed and
scrawled across their
strange tattoos containing the shapes
of ancient

and the names of old television satellites.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2001 vol 3 part 2

Another of my wonderful poems about the film "2001." Kubrick must be sending me some shining right now. Check out: bohococo, for more. Muhahaha!

2001 part 3 2

I have seen the dawn
of the red


skull man

living out in the hollow world
just beyond.

to think of him now
incites my flesh
to circles
and to flame.

I would like to have lived one thousand years
and to have met
this man as a child
and to have taken away his fingernails
to have given him
a headset of reeds and honey.

his red flesh is of the cosmos;
I have
him eating entire small
towns within the gasp of one breath

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2001 vol 3 part 1

Holy shlomoley, here's another installment of my series based on Kubrick's film "2001," the 'Light show' scene in particular. Check out: bohococo - space cognition;
for the other part of the space poetry collaboration celebrating the upcoming Boho Coco show at...Co-Lab. Isn't synergy swell?

2001 part 3 1

the damage of god had sunken


we were material yet
to be molded

and as fresh

we sought to achieve

hearts upon the mount.

we hooked our
hands into
the rock

and we took black marble
where we stood and
it out with all our might into the mighty
abyss of night

waiting beyond

Monday, June 1, 2009

upcoming show!

Hey everyone, join myself, Erin Vaughan, Miguel Martinez, and Richard Guerra, for a night full of fun, performance, poetry, booze, masks, typewriters, monologues, and pratfalls, on June 13 (Saturday!) at Co-Lab (613 Allen Street). It's going to be oh so much fun, and I'll even give you a hug (depending on how intoxicated I am...intoxicated by the night!) Also, this coming week will be colab crazy among my three blogs, so let's get crazy togther. A night in limbo! Boho Coco!

p.s. some people say the next issue of the zine is coming out soon (and some may be right)'s a poem:

same old people
in drag
coming up the sedan

eating old baba ganoush

chiming in circles

wicked wicked

we are the saviors of mankind;
a great die

and then we savory sweet
can dance

in the alley too chomping
our teeth

brachiating and

jerking about

iron poles and shop

and feminine last gasps.

oh twist

we are desired of the folly
and the failure;

cataclysm, extinction,
girlfriend, eagle, praetorian,
slip, stomp,