Saturday, February 9, 2008

poetry do-etry

Here are some more of my untitled poems. Lord knows I need to post more, oh lordy, lordy praise be. Praise be, amen.

untitled 4001

a view of Christoph


at age 25:

cold as an icicle in May,

he says,

oh yes, I want something.

but perhaps

it is reason he wants.

some sublime

white stucco


the walls, oh yes,


kiss me glamorous I don’t


a tiff.

untitled 3523

I saw the police chase a man

through a Parisian street


the colors green, oh his


he had such mirth and handsomeness.

a rebel certainly,

or the violent


of his mother.

untitled 3581

dark mirrors,

dark meadows,

we are traveling down the last

road of a distant


and then she sets free her

blue and gray

checkered shawl.

we watch it fly about

a mile,

into the desert,

and shoot into dust.

the car is not so desirable.

it grinds.

it chokes.

it sputters.


Jeff D said...

I love the photos you post along with your writings. They remind me of Jandek's LP covers.

kathryn said...

I agree!

where is this house?

Chris S said...

The picture of that house was taken on a road trip to Augusta, Georgia. It was on some road just outside of the downtown.