Saturday, February 16, 2008

three poems

Hey, here are some more untitled poems for you on this untitled day.

untitled 2179

a bright world

says calm calm


and smash your brains out


a clarinet.

and we live on the world

of sidewalks


car bumpers;


listen to rock and


and watch

daredevils soar

over open flames and

wooden houses.

untitled 3795

forty times to stop the universe

in the dead winter


of Ohio,


times to surf the sunset on the

beaches of Charleston,

forty times to kiss the clouds

under Texas skies.


we are pistol

and impetus.

we are a shade of smoke blown

out of villain lips.

we are an attack

on alarm clocks.

smack the damned thing, honey,

and we can hide out.


forty ways to forget

bebop and

sing unsung.


abstract, sure,

she guesses,

and tosses her firearm into the trash.

untitled 3532

a night journey is called for;

bring your moonpies

and your applecrisps and your

tin cup.

I can be the banjo player in the dive bar.


can be the gypsy dancer.

bright butterflies,

bright stars,

dark sky,

long hours.

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