Thursday, March 27, 2008


was a jerk! Ohh, I said it!

Charleston Times 7

the movie theater downtown serving

beer and beef

was easy and eager,

sat next to the banquet hall,

sat next to the seafood restaurant,

sat on the square, off the street,

large and American,

and I folded under folding that damned flag

when it got too windy out.

and I can recall splicing movies

and finding the time

to lust with my

tongue firmly

in placement and cutting

movies back

to the shreds they came from and finding

the time to stare

down the back alley and imagine

garbage bags bursting in

acclaim of my arrival.

the kitchen was easy;

the fryers were hot;

the food was stiff, oh heat lamp,

I just couldn’t get

a handle of



1 comment:

kathryn said...

I think that all of your poems should be about Charleston.

(Not really, there are lots of other poem topics out there...I'm just digging this series.)