Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning

Today is Sunday, the Lord's day, so it is time to post Holy scripture upon this blog. I mean, post another one of my old short film scripts filled with surreal erotica of course!! This a sequel of sorts to my previous short film idea.

It is early morning. We see a figure lying in bed. Camera zooms in on his face. His eyes open. next we see his digital alarm clock read 3:45. The camera moves upside down to show the time spells the word “SHE”.

Cut to a half naked woman wearing a man’s button up shirt unbuttoned showing her breasts and she is wearing pink panties. The woman is rolling on a bed in a middle of a wrecked hotel room. She is laughing hysterically.

Look at this place. We must’ve had a good time last night.

Uh, I guess? Do you remember how we got here?

I remember meeting you at the Shot Glass crying after Jack left me. I remember you telling me that you saw Stacy with another man. That’s about it.

The man looks down and sees a videotape on top of a pile of filth. He decides to view the video. It is a video of the couple having the roughest sex ever. They also destroy the hotel room in the process. They perform Sade like acts.

Cut to a scene with the Man being appointed to a strange Council for the Arts. He seems upset. Turn their meeting into a Felliniesque circus. Make it really fucked up. A fat man with a thick Dali like mustache stands up and announces it is time to view his film.

The council turns to the big screen. The title “Jesus” appears on the screen.

The first scene is a helicopter shot of a car on a hill in Los Angeles. On the roof of the car we see a bumper sticker cross that reads, “Got Savior?”

The next scene is of a Nun holding a glow in the dark cross starring into the camera in a creepy manner. Cut to a parking lot where two middle aged guys are throwing hardcover books at parked cars. In a garage a teenage boy is practicing electric guitar.

Cut back to the first man sleeping on a couch while it storms outside. He is now bearded, kinda like Jesus. A woman sits in a parked car outside his window. She is crying and cursing and naked. The man stands up nude, walks to his window, and opens the blinds to view the woman in the car. The man scartches his beard and walks over to a desk. He opens a drawer and picks up a book. It is a Superman comic.

The screen goes black. We hear an audio collage of preachers and gun shots for almost 30 seconds.

The End.

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