Wednesday, May 28, 2008

celebrity sightings in deep sleep

Famous people won't let me sleep! Here are a couple of new poems about my dreams and the well known people that haunt them.

Take a Chance on Me

Ah! The dreams I had this weekend past
I knew they were too strange to last

Johnny Cash said hello to me outside my office
He deep voiced his wisdom
& I listened
& I understood
But when I woke up
I couldn’t fucking remember his advice
Instead I was
Humming “Take a Chance on Me”

Dream of May 21, 2008

The Beat Hotel
Even Burroughs
& W.H. Auden
Sitting on rugs
Slouching 'gainst dark walls
Smoking hash
All crammed into a tiny space
I was there too
A door connected us with another room
My family stayed in that room
My extended family as well
The beats shocked them
Foul language
& dirty smells
The bathroom caught on fire...
I was with K in Houston
(before even visiting that city)
We were in the 'burbs
A group of thugs
& hookers
Came toward us as we walked the downtown sidewalks
Fast food joints and clothing stores
Burger King!
We got in a large maroon Oldsmobile
Must have been at least 8 people in that car
Some kid shouted about picking his sister up from "the shop"
We pulled into a Jiffy Lube type place
A young Hispanic woman in a pink dress waited outside
K and I left that party
I woke up


Erin said...

I wish I could stay in the Beat Hotel. I think it would be cool to keep working these dreams as if you too were a character among the famous and the literate.

Jeff D said...

i would love to be famous for being literate!