Sunday, May 11, 2008

dictionary 7.mp3

Hellow fellow shmoes. I have another dictionary offering for you. Man, that one blog night sure has yielded a bountiful meal. Amen.

Dictionary 7: daymare

he popped open his eyes

to escape from

his present



the daymare of occupying

an average ho hum


did not sit well in his stomach.

Douglas got up got


from the office, held his head

slow in the bathroom as water rushed rushed by,


called his wife, crying.

“how did I get here?”

he shouted into the phone.

she was

busy; she told him to snap out of it.

“yes…yes you’re right,”

he agreed, smoothed his hair,

and went back to his office.

“when will this be over?”

he asked. the

daymare continued, eyes wide open.

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