Wednesday, May 21, 2008

some new poems...rough drafts...Jeff

Ageing, Getting Fat & Happier

my legs are in atrophy
they were almost Greek
built up from walking the last 2 years
but I no longer walk those 7 miles
8 hrs a day
5 days a week
at the art museum
blank young security guard

I sit now
and sit some more
my new job takes place at a desk
happier, maybe, yes,
not as active
fewer calories burned
killing time
earning $$$
stalling a little
waiting for the right time to strike
and contemplating the headlines & pictures of woe
and then there is my belly
lumping ever so slightly
as I age, not too bad yet
or too old yet
in love for sure
eating rich meals w/my one and only
ah, my won,won,wonderful you
we deserve perfect bliss
in this sad world
we have found
the smooth wash of wine
heats our union
and focuses our minds
on the good
and we laugh
and plan dreams together
ah, who needs to worry
about tomorrow anyway?
we're still young
dreaming is our right

and I ask
when will poetry pay off?
will I end up teaching?
will a less active me
still be
I'm getting better with age!
and rounder by the minute
answers are forthcoming


No doubt
The gossip has spread
Around and around
This gossip town

I don't have to answer
I choose to be vague
Rats carry the plague
For all to fever



History lesson, disappointment 101
Good guys are only good if they're the guys who won
Heartbreak's erased when you meet the one
Time to forgive, time to have fun

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Chris S said...

I like the shorter poems best. I'm not sure if you feel this way, but I find when you have less words to say something in, you usually say it better. But maybe that's just me.