Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who's that by the fridge?

Jeff Barnyard Daily presents another awesome song for you live from his kitchen. Watch out for the frozen pizza! Yoicks!

Chemical Tambourine

Woke up underneath a flat bed truck
Smelling of gasoline and bad luck
Couldn't find my shirt, what the hell happened to my shoes
All I had left were the blue jean blues

Then it hit me
It must have been she
Then I remembered
The month of December

Sat on the curb watching the drunks stumble around
My head needed healing, I needed a new sound
I sat with a soul expired
I saw her when the night became wired

That's when she called to me
It was all I could do just to follow

She waved a chemical tambourine
Beating out a rhythm clear and pristine
She waved a chemical tambourine
I love her jingle jangle magazine

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