Monday, June 23, 2008

Austin World Poem Project Launch!

Hi all.
In the spirit of moving Austin New Blog forward, I am launching this side project: The Austin World Poem Project. Here's how I'm hoping it's going to work. Using the chain letter formula, I am sending all the people in my email address book a poem and instructions. The idea is for each person who receives the poem to copy it into an email, and then add something to it; their own twist on it, if you will, and then send it to as many people as they can. Also, hopefully, some people will be willing to document the poem that they received into a comment field on the latest post here. We will then copy that comment (i.e., the latest version of the poem) into a post so that everyone can view it.

Here is the poem, in its infancy:

The equation of water
is always coaxed out of a stone;
a blank bell ringing
in the middle of the day.

And here are the instructions that are going along with it:

This is not a chain letter. This email is part of the Austin World Poem Project. The goal is to send an evolving poem to as many people as possible, as far around the world as possible. The poem is below. All you need to do is copy the body of this email into a new one. Then make whatever changes you want to the poem below. You can add a line, stanza, word, punctuation, whatever floats your boat. And then send it to as many people as you can without being annoying! If you have time, and want to, you can be an Austin World Poem Project Tracker by logging on to and copying your version of the poem into a comment. An administrator will then post this text as a blog post for everyone to see, and then everyone who has added to it can see how much the poem has changed and how many different versions of it there are out there.
Thanks for participating.
Here is the poem. Have fun changing it:

If you would like to copy the above poem(or start your own, whatever) and instructions and have your people log it into the comments fields here at Austin New Blog, that would be cool, too. Just so there is a common place for every one to see the poems as they evolve. Okay, here goes!


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