Friday, June 13, 2008


Hello blog readers! I wrote a new simple lil poem yesterday that I thought would be fun to post this morning since some of you like to feel the spooky specters on Friday the 13th. Do you believe in the spirit world?

Ghost of Dave

For some strange reason
I imagined
My old boss from the dish room
Bruce Hall
University of North Texas

Dave, you
Nearly toothless
Speech impaired mumble mouthed
Man of the country
A farmer
A ranch hand
Maybe a cowboy
Lived hard
Kinda like a learning disabled Johnny Cash

I thought I saw you as a ghost
Walking the drag
I was on my lunch break

Death came to you while I was yr employee
I was a young man
A college boy
I have gone on
Gotten older
You have not
How is the grave?
In the afterlife do you ever have to wash dishes?

Why did I think of you?
We weren't close
You weren't family
I guess I will never understand my mind
But I thought of you
Even if it was you in ghost clothes

I had to write this poem!


Chris S said...

I like the line "learning impaired Johnny Cash."

Spamboy said...

This may be the first ghost story I've heard where the spirit wandered during the day (your lunch break).