Monday, June 9, 2008

Lighter Side II (Go Ask Alice)

I enjoyed reading my crazy fun "lighter" poem at the last blog night so I wrote another bit of verse suitable for some children and adults with whimsical minds. Leave me a note if you like this poem!

Merrily He Splinky Winks…

Merrily he splinky winks
on his way home to Crawdalize.
"I'm a hungrowski boy," he thinks,
envisioning creamy mollbee whipped pies.

Grompen gores shouted "hurray!"
When our hero arrived at dusk.
He was given medals all damn day
and honored with a feast of jaunlinx tusk.

In his slumber he forgot all he'd done
to make life more pleasant in Crawdalize.
He didn't care for glory or the awards he'd won.
He just wanted to pig out on mollbee whipped pies.

1 comment:

Chris S said...

Great. It's like a strange brew of Langston Hughes and Shel Silverstein.