Thursday, June 5, 2008

a lighter side of Jeffrey

Hey squares, here's the man and the beat telling you how it is. Dig!

Whimsy at Work on a Slow Day

Blag gad fly caboose
Chase the gander & da goose
Choose the tiger nearest death
Wait w/pungent coffee breath

Piggly wiggly thoughts afloat
Sandpaper slug drives a drunken boat
Babies born of taproot juice
Tear up eardrum floozey loose

Mallory hollow tree trunk wig
Bite naked buttocks slender pig
Engravings depict wicked people sticks
Build a mansion out of mustard bricks

The windy hose of nurse's blouse
Plants bed bugs in the captain's house
Willy pilly dungle danger drought
Stop this crazy train, I want out

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