Sunday, June 22, 2008

thanks skanks

Hey, along with Jeff I just wanted to wish everyone who came and saw and listened to the poetry at Okay Mountain a fare thee well, a how's your dad, and a hope you're not too hung over. It was great, we all had fun, thanks to Dan Boehl and Josh Rios for participating with us. And this picture is from the sheet that so many beautiful delinquents decided to bleed all over (yes, I did use the metaphor of blood; lame, I know, but I'm a little hung over, so lay off me). Keep tuning into the blog; we've got more events in store. Have a good week and all week here at the blog, we'll be posting clips from the live performance with new stuff too. Sweet freaks, have a good time!

p.s. special thanks to Lindsey for helping us out with the keg; you are a magical woman

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