Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a double shot

OK. OK. Yesterday, was a two-fer post about a musician's two sides. Today I want to post two character sketches. These are a few weeks old but I feel like continuing a theme so here goes. The first poem is better than the second. Also, the reference to a certain Batman villain is intentional.

War Between the States

Up and down
Blue and gray
I feel pretty good today

One moment wild
Then full of shadows
Myself and I are uneasy bedfellows

Catch me if you can
I'm ready for the war
What I am I can't ignore

Take a picture please
& capture this version of me

I See the Kid Who Tries Way Too Damn Hard All the Time Now

W/a crooked cap complicated
consciously strange attire
I see him out the corner of my eye
outside the library
Where I eat my lunch
His cigarettes
His loud slankster shout
Into cell phone headset
All of us can hear you
We don't care though

I see him all the time
Why must we share this town?
I hope he never tries to talk to me
Who cares about the injustices he's suffered
Who cares about his new love life
He's trying way too damn hard to be cool and important
He uses words like obsequious in casual conversation
Goddamn it!
He annoys the fuck outta me


ryan said...

i want to marry the first poem.

i really like the second one too.

too awesome.

-ryan (the girl ryan, not your brother)

Jeff D said...


you wanna marry a poem or do you like manic depressive types?

ha, thanks for reading...jeff

ryan said...

yeah! both....haha. no problem, i found the link through chris. i forgot that more than one person updates the blog. so, i'm ryan...nice to meet you.