Friday, July 18, 2008

lost poems, oh my!

Hey guys, if you've seen the myth of the motel (posted previously this week:, the improv piece I did about John Johnson, the dead founder of the Boho Cocos, then you'll remember the mention of his lost poems. Well, they're lost no longer. I've found them. I've got them. And for your pleasure and purveyance, I will post them from time to time to snap your head around. I decided to call them the lost poems of John Johnson, but, I don't know, he was a weird guy. They're numbered similarly, but with slight variations (and some even have titles, but we'll leave those for later). I don't know, I can't really explain the guy, he just inspired us fellow Cocos, and now we've got some of his work to inspire you. Well, here goes fellows, two poems I recently found in a secret hiding spot. The work of John Johnson, dead legend, quiet ghost.

the lost poems of John Johnson 6…


under the bed


make love

and it is the melody

of a blind


raging on and on


black marker

across blank subway



get thee gone,

take me with you,


my hair.

the lost poems of John Johnson 7…

no sign of love

in your tears


across a blank mirror.

you think of


church yard razor


with old faces

akin to

broken beer mugs.

my girl has a rainbow.


you shrink, you run,

the cars of the highway

are bold.

they want your


they want

to take you in their trunk and immolate


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