Monday, July 14, 2008

the myth of the motel

Hey guys, Jeff, Erin, Lindsey, and I, rented a motel room over the weekend and took along a typewriter, a camera, a guitar, a violin, and an eight-track recorder, and had a hell of a time. Let's just say that austinnewblog had a shindig in a beat-up old room. This first video posted is of a myth I improvised as we first got into the room. Hope you guys like it (also, who's that girl hidden in one of the shots; is it Beatriz?), and there's a whole lot more where it came from, so stay tuned all week as Jeff, Erin, and I (and yes, even rarely seen blogger Lindsey) give you tons of new poems and songs and stories. Dig! Boho Coco! John Johnson!


Mr. Mansour said...


Post some more!!!

Chris S said...

You can count on it, my friend.