Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Anonymous Poster #2!!

It's so exciting to see how this poem changes. Thanks very much to the five of you who have contributed, your additions are wonderful. Poetry can often be a solitary and competitive pursuit, so it's really amazing to see something collaborative come out of it. Here is the poem, in it's sixth round:

The equation of water
is always coaxed out of a stone;
a blank bell ringing
in the middle of the day.

The river
she sings
the song of the
red scent of
the daylight descends on the
never to drink from the fountain

Thirst wants what the stone needs
But the face lies in pools of greed.
A King upon the throne of the new liberal media
Seeks to set a new standard
of violence.
Pools of bullets smile at the snug rain.
America comes at last,
To the big table.

Running water rings
it is time

Running water
The running water we run to
We seek our thirsts at last

And our thirsts subtract the rain
And our marbles are equal to or
lesser than the ocean

And our music
into sand


sue said...

from the fire and the vapors
rising through and over the
revelry, the echoes resonate
a distant chanting, thumping along the veins, thumping along the bones
left there
charred and sunken
rooted into the darkened earth

Mary Francis Reilly said...

Over our heads

for water
and it drips

and the smallest of us
huddle on
limestone singing