Monday, August 11, 2008

the birdman part III

Hey guys, here is the third installment of my poem "The Birdman." Also, big news: the austinnewblog literary zine Boho Coco is now out and about. You can find free copies at: Waterloo, Book People, Cheapo Discs, 12th Street Books, The Hideout, Progress Coffee, Bouldin Creek, and End of an Ear. Go out and get 'em while they last. Also, there will be more copies at our August 30th reading (at 8PM) at Domy Books. So go and chase those things down already; lord knows they need proper homes in the hands of literary lovers. Also also, Jeff and I were out and about today ourselves, shooting some video in some strange places, so look for that all week too. Cool. Enjoy the poem.

he made love not too long after.

a woman

of pale flesh, pale fire, did so lonely look across a cafe

as he entered.

the birdman was ready to chew off her shoes,

but she looked at him between cigarettes

and tapped him on the shoulder.

if a dream is only to be alive and to realize that

the hours are

not right

then the birdman made love until waking in the arms of a small

thing. her lips were

red as colors so bright not meant

formally. the birdman heard the roll

of the taxi outside

and thought of his daughter. she was

a lover too, fighting it out

somewhere amidst fire hydrants and curtain calls.

actress, he whispered, and his tiny

lover gazed upon him. then

he was

prepared to be alone.

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