Thursday, August 21, 2008

demo: Beelzebub (Jeff's Dream) [click here]

A few weeks ago I dreamed that my old high school friend David and I (let me direct you to the Restless Stags & Clean Wrinkles links on our blog roll) were in an eight person folk rock choir. We were performing in a small room and I sang this song:

Once I had a girl, she was devil
Once I had a girl, she wasn’t on the level
She was Beelzebub
Yeah, yeah oh yeah

I had a friend, his name was Lucifer
I had a friend, he reminded me of her
He was Beelzebub
Yeah, yeah oh yeah

The song, as I remembered it when I woke up, was kinda blues folky with a minor key feel. I demoed the tune as a simple two chord thing on my 8-track in my apt. Then I sent the demo to Chris Daily. He took what I did and improved it. He added wonderful musical touches and some killer guitar playing. Listen to the demo first then give your ears a treat by playing the Chris Daily version.


Chris S said...

Wow, talk about two different versions (yours and Chris D's). I like your stripped, raw version, and I like Chris interpretation full of nuance and flourish. The real question is, who isn't Beelzebub? Keep up the great (dreamy) work, Boho believers.

Chris D said...

Thank you for the kind (and apt) words...

..and Jeff, had I known how you heard it in your dream or how you were going to record it, my version would've probably been entirely different. I guess this covers the wide spectrum of beelzebubs out there - keep writing songs for me to cover.