Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End Times #2 (click to download)

The dark and moody “End Times” is back at you with section II. Christopher’s writing (and reading for that matter) inspired me to try some slightly new recording techniques. I didn’t so much compose music and “paint” music. Each section of this poem required a slightly different sound while at the same time I wanted each piece to sound like one continuous thought if they were ever played back to back to back. Recording detuned electric guitar strings being scraped and scratched with picks, fingernails, and dimes or pounding a distorted keyboard set to sound like insects all under the most over the top reverb are just some of the musical actions I performed on these “End Times.” On #2 I blasted a long distorted low note then went about plucking a completely out of tune electric guitar to produce the almost bell sounds you hear toward the end of the poem.

text version:

end times 2

the sky can be pink


in the morning

before we’re


with ourselves


the seed of humanity



from a river

of hiss

and coo

and fishermen


cast out lines

of pure gold


the stream


it can then be said

of the folding


of blue

in the horizon

that a mother’s



a crook of a father’s arm

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Chris S said...

I really like the effects you put on this. I think I'll wait until they're all posted, and then I'm going to listen to them consecutively for added effect. Cool!