Wednesday, August 27, 2008

poem I wrote at a movie

Hey fellows, this is the third post for the day, hurray. This is a poem I wrote tonight as I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey (during the intermission). Just another on-the-spot, inspired poem for all you fabulous fabies in the world.
Also, I just wanted to mention that you guys should check out this site by quarterly journal, Candy and Cigarettes:

They are having their second issue extravaganza at Club de Ville the night of our reading at Domy Books. So come hear us perform at 8PM, then gallivant over to Club de Ville and enjoy the festivities they have planned. Check out their site for more info and a page that let's you check out their journal. Cool!

poem for you:

poem written at Paramount Theater during 2001: A Space Odyssey intermission, Austin, 8-27-08

I see a

red curtain and


married girl

the balcony

streams feet and

gilded banisters

and I write

because I am seated

alone near

the top

looking down.

the music is


wind electric


lower crooked

gold green.

I gaze

upward to find

an angel and

a harp

and oh oh

floral patterns.

thus far I’ve


apes and robots




if you dare

spill me

rows of kisses

and wide-eyed



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