Monday, August 4, 2008

reality bites

As the blog project takes off and more starts happening here in Austin town I sometimes forget how difficult the publishing/writing life is. I received an e-mail that both disappointed me and made me laugh.

Dear readers, I had sent out a few poems here and there for publication outside this blog/poetic group known as the Boho Coco's and have been waiting for word from these various publishers. Anyway, I read this e-mail just minutes ago:

Subject: Re: Poetry Submission

Mr Daily,
I am very sorry it took me this long to get to your collection, and sorry,
too, to say that these first-person-singular driven poems are not really our
cup of tea.



B.O.B Press


So, to this I say...When all else fails DO IT YOURSELF!!

Austin, get ready for issue #1 of the Boho Coco Lit Journal. It will be printed next week and become available for free at area locations. It will feature my poetry, as well as the writings of Christopher, Erin, some pics, some drawings, and more.

We will also be reading/performing at Domy Books 913 E. Cesar Chavez Aug. 30 - 8pm - DON'T BE LATE, ha...musical guest Chris Daily and poet/artist Josh Rios will also be performing with us. It will be quite a night.

Best Wishes,



Chris S said...

Yeah, celebrate the bohos, create all the time, no no no need for some other non-singular first-person dash-loving editors. You'll never be rejected in my heart, Barnyard.

Mike Hughes said...

You'd best mail me a copy, Jefferoon. SoCal needs BohoCoco love, too.

ryan said...

will there be copies at the reading?

Chris S said...

There will be copies at the show, and yes, Mikey Mike, we'll mail you ten thousand copies so's to swamp the pristine shores of the Pacific.