Sunday, September 21, 2008

the beginning of poetry week

Hey guys, it's international poetry week here at the blog and to reward you all for your vigilance of the printed (or electronic!) word, we are posting an original poem every damn day! Even better, if you leave a comment to one of the poetry posts, we'll compose a brand new poem based on whatever you suggest and we'll feature it the next day. Holy cow, sounds like a barrel full of monkeys. Also also, if that didn't get you wet enough, then listen to this: just submit a poem of your own in the comment section of a poetry post and we'll feature that snippet the very next day in a post of your own. Jesus H Crikey, doesn't that sound like a peach? Alright, enough with old man Jed Clampet going on and on here. The first post of international Boho poetry week, all for you. Get some.

untitled 4669

sawdust mouth


you careful tooth


the open field

but still

find cut glass feet


in the small hours of dusk.

I love


oh love





lozenge figure


gray bent leaf