Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the birdman part VII

A birdman never forgets, and although it has been some time since the last post, he's back to give you a taste of the night wicked and cracked and spines and girls in oyster shops cracking up with hot sauce (inspired!). Taste the night with my feathered, superhero friend. Part VII:

he was ready to return home. the birdman

plummeted as the stones

of our fathers’ across old fields we never knew.

he crossed paths with a villain

upon his


the man sneered. the birdman cracked him upon the back of the head.

window dance,

city times, believe in love

of the old order of sewer grates

and coffee shop hymnals, crush the pomegranate stand

on the corner of 8th and 8th,

particles of brick, hot industrial glue, a horse

shoe imprint upon cobblestone,

wicked waterways, the dust of the saloon man without

his gold watch,

dust in the tenement building,

old men and women in ivory bathtubs near telephone


the villain stumbled and faltered and fell. the birdman,

aloof for freedom,

continued his noble way.

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