Wednesday, September 24, 2008

poem from a lady

Hey guys, here in the body of this post is a poem written by Candyrockstar that she left in the comment section of one of the previous Boho Week of Poetry Lusty Extravaganza. We read and we respond, oh yeah. So any other posters out there, don't be shy to give us a snippet or two. Thanks a lot, Candyrockstar, you are amazing amongst the wreckage of our postmodern fantasia.

Candyrockstar's poem:

i'm just like that tiny black widow

i'll crawl into your bed

take what i want

and leave with your head

without a stir, still peaceful like a prayer

i don't mind

the lack of backbone

or the fact that my love

is only as sweet

as the shapeless webs i weave

or the poison i make you drink

from dripping lips

as i collect your gifts-

your attempts

to calm me down

but i'm not here to listen to your song

of sweet release

you should have known

i'd never let you leave

no one gets away from me that free

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