Wednesday, September 3, 2008

posts from beyond this dimension

Hey guys, I am writing to you now (yes now; as you read this post you will time travel to the ever-present now) at ACC Rio Grande Campus because my home internet connection is being a crummy friend. Anyway, Jeff's taking the reins of post master general for the week (and be assured once my connection is restored you will see plenty of video posts from me to make up for my week of laise faire), so I thought I'd give him a round of hearty applause and also (to use a phrase from my dear old friend Harold) "hit you cats with something." I'm making this up right now (now now now! the ever present now!) in a computer lab. And yes the lighting is neon. And yes I still haven't eaten dinner. Call it commitment (or call it desire). Boho Coco!

the residence of Charlotte R. Gregson

who had fallen in love
near to the middle
of her twenties
idled past the grocery store in an ancient
station wagon
and wagged her fingers at the mail man.

"I who have been loved have
known great pleasure,"
she moaned,

and drove into a red fire hydrant.
her high beams kicked
from the collison

her teeth sprayed out in rainbow.
the mail man
replied, "I who have been loved
been in ditches and trenches kissing
the wicked wings of dead sparrows."

he, jagged in jaw and
rigid in pants,
continued on his walk past Charlotte
R. Gregson's
residence and tossed her mail
into a trash can.


Jeff D said...

This is great. A new sorta style for you. Imagery abstractions yes, but a flow in story and more concrete. I would love to see more of this style in the future...perhaps as a recording?

candyrockstar said...

saturday night was the best.

kat said...

I really like this one, Chris.

And, I agree with Jeff!