Monday, October 20, 2008

days before the poetry reading!

I want to say hello, how ya doin? Thurs. is the night of the boho coco#3:the strangers. We will be showing off our new lit zine issue#2. Come out to 12th Street Books at 7:30pm to hear some great Austin poets read. Posted below is a poem from one of the guests that will read Thurs. night and take you to another place. Don Webb:

Misquoted by a Mockingbird

I was misquoted by a mockingbird

My poet’s fame among the birds

Ended by his melodious four note word

I find myself quoting Robert Frost

And aksing if it is wrong

To seek to stop a creature’s song

No one around to hear

The misquoting bird’s

Melodious four-note word

Nothing to do but write it down

Off he flew, far wide and long

His absence stopping future song

His departure stopped future song

He carried away my notes wrong.

1 comment:

Chris S said...

I'm definitely excited about the coming reading (you might even go so far as to call me aroused). And it's going to be my pleasure to share the stage with you, Don. I look forward to it.