Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Guests Week (+): #1

We Boho Coco austinnewbloggers are holding a poetry reading Oct. 23rd at 12th Street Books at 7:30pm (as you already know we're celebrating issue#2 of our print zine)/(you're invited too!)...Anyway, we got more submissions to the zine than space available in about 20 pages so to show our appreciation I will be curating a week and a half worth of new writers here on the blog. All of these writers submitted good work to the zine and as a thank you I want to give their words a chance to be read. Writing (art in general) is important. The first "special guest" is Farhana Uddin. Feast!


Carrying my box
of goodies

in the hangers
of my brown arms

to my motel room
above the green

street I swear
I crossed the path

of two sumo-san

strolling down


I was all whoah-man
in my head

--they carried me
as I was less than air.

above the bun on my hair,
I held up my box

as it was a trophy
of a decapitated man.

1 comment:

Chris S said...

Awesome to see other voices clamorring to be heard through the blog. Jeff: lovely picture; you look ravishing. Farhana: I like the vernacular of the poem; nice blend of slang and strong imagery.