Thursday, November 13, 2008

an odyssey of the mind

Hey freaks, here's something new from the Savage house of ideas. I took 35 pictures from the light show scene in the film 2001. For each picture, I wrote a poem (while listening to the song "Beyond Jupiter" that was playing during the scene). There are five volumes in all, each consisting of seven poems (except volume 5!). So, the first of many, friends, in our month of media. Have a funky good time!

2001 1

the first star known to man was named

AD 4x 22 1B8

and it was


there was life there

of men

in masks beating forks upon

rimmed turtle


and sea creatures devouring the firmament

of space-time

it was then that mankind found


to be alone

to truly drift in dark ink

is akin to the earth of our


our days and our might

we saw the first star and dreaded its portent

to be alone is majestic

though sad

the mean men in galactic black coats

have me

they have me by the throat

they are throwing me


the ravine I see

it is old children novels and curdled

milk cartons

oh god

you see that it is my

nimble fingers that have

contained oh

have contained oh have contained

the first star was named AD 4x 18B

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