Monday, November 24, 2008

a poem from a couple years ago

Hey guys, don't worry, the big fun post is coming tomorrow (not today; sorry!), so in the meantime, here is a poem my brother Ryan stumbled upon yesterday while he was screwing around on my computer. Enjoy!

dad’s on the loose

my dad uses my keys

to enter my

empty apartment,

raids the fridge,

finds the whisky

and pets my cat.

he does eight shots


drowns himself in a bottle of


then he yells at the cat,

runs out of my



and leaves the door wide


rides his car like lightning

and doesn’t think twice about mom.

goes cruising in a bar and

gets frightened by the police officers.

‘go to church!

and that right now!’

he grabs Jesus by his hand

and makes him take the wheel.

then dad calls me up,

drunk at four AM





your cat’s lost.


wasn’t there when I came by.”

and I ask,


are you drunk, man?”

and it’s okay to call dad’s ‘man’

when their drunk.

he laughs, giggles, and

hangs up.

then my dad returns to my house


shatters the bottle of bourbon

on the kitchen floor.

the cat’s still inside.

my dad tells her good cat

and finally

rolls home.

my mom’s mad,

but it’s only a dream

she says


and drinks more

coffee to

stay up.

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