Tuesday, November 18, 2008

something new...very new...too new?

Dead Catfish Cold Canyon Lake, TX Poem

Picked clean
Stomach to ass
Face only now decaying
Buzzards in the distance
Morning after
Camping trip night
November 15, 2008
The dead catfish
The dead grass
The smoldering ashes
A satisfying game of catch
Successful memories
…the evening was
First freeze of the year
Twenty-nine degrees
Nose and cheek skin frozen
After sundown
Six friends gathered
‘round a fire
The fire was tall
The fire was strong
The fire was TV
And the fire was life
Holding love girl tight
For warmth
Dinner hungry
Sizzling burgers
Flame broiled
Hot dogs
Red wine
The gypsy RV grounds
Little orange flicker flames
Cover the hills
We glare at the beach
The cold waters
Look up to the stars
There goes a shooting star!
More wood for the fire NOW
Bundled in layers
Difficult to sleep
Morning headache
Need of shower
Need of nap
I want a burrito afternoon
Weekend over already
Ah, the fun…

1 comment:

Chris S said...

It's never too new, my friend. Sounds like you had fun out there.