Monday, November 17, 2008

travel logos 108

Hey freaks and franks, here is a new experimental poetic film from my world to yours. This one is titled travel logos 108 and its a little prose ditty. Enjoy.

David goes do do da. a guitar of sonic craft. some old tune from the sixties. crazy girl gets in the bedroom and slams the door. a wooden group of slats blocks the window. the cat of the night in fang and claw. I am not Woody in the old pictures counting his strings. no grin chin believe me. David sings da do do. the swell of a night of sleepless happiness blooms. an empty camera on the coffee table. a computer now to be told. speakers, blue lights, make momma lovers emptying bank accounts, old roundtables tossed in dumpsters, streamlined trailers in the ravine, old cuts of boulder and stone in the mountains. crazy girl runs into the room and exclaims that she is in love with the entire world. go go lights dancing wild; strings of purple confetti; ugly people smashing noses into wine glasses. David sighs do da do.