Thursday, December 4, 2008

2001 vol 1 part 5

Hey friends, how is your week going? Well, I'm posting another poem in my 2001 series, so I'm not sweating it either. Dig!

2001 5

the butterfly of the galaxy
is eternal

any child knows this

when it is magenta
that stripes its
and red that folds its embrace

the butterfly had come to dwell
in the folds of Jupiter
fluttering in the red
and quelling the riots
of thousand year storms
it was beautiful
to know it and that it would
one day bite
a girl upon her neck
she would freckle and giggle
and her eyes would glow
hot with the nova
scent of unbecoming and in her womb would
come a frost of children
screaming in iridescent pink
that it is unfair to cast about our lot
into the infinite without first knowing
what to call it and how
it tastes
how to touch it
we die alone drifting in space
we melt the sun
we are together in life across many many

the butterfly now gone
has left behind only a name

beware I am he and
in the infinite is

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