Monday, December 15, 2008

reading at the Cathedral of Junk on Jan 24th

Hey guys, on January 24th at 8PM, us Bohos are going to host a reading/performance at the awesome Austin folk art miracle, the Cathedral of Junk. The Cathedral is a cool structure built by Vince Hannemann and sits in his backyard. He's an extremely cool guy who is doing us such an honor by letting us have a reading there. So, I know the news is a little early, but don't worry, as we get closer to the day, the details of who's reading and whatnot will be specified. This is just an early yawp celebrating the coming of another reading. And don't wait for us to be there, go see the Cathedral for yourself at 4422 Lareina Street (just south of Ben White Blvd). Just call Vince (512-299-7413) before you go (Tuesday through Sunday 9-6) and make sure it's cool to stop by. Alright! Reading coming your way! And, to get a taste of the Cathedral, here's a video (the guy in it is Vince) featuring a tiny robot dancer.

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