Monday, January 26, 2009

a show for all seasons

Hey guys, did you like the show at the Cathedral of Junk? Were you there? Are you experienced? Anyway, it was a great time for all. I want to say a quick congratulations to Gabriel Matt Nicholson, Miguel Martinez, Erin Vaughan, Jeff Daily, and Chris Daily, for putting on one hell of a performance. Despite the cold, we soldiered on. And a very very special thanks to Vince Hanneman, the owner and creator of the Cathedral. Vince, you are truly a great guy. And if any of you out there have not seen the Cathedral, by all means, get there soon. It's spectacular. Well, as things gear back down here at the blog, look for more fun stuff from yours truly and all the rest of the Bohos. Starting today, I'll be posting a new series of epistolary prose pieces, titled, 'Postcards from a dead ex lover.' OOOhhh, sounds ominous. Hey, and also, be on the lookout for live video from the Cathedral performance. Keep on keeping on, you Bohos you.

postcards from a dead ex lover 1

Hey Cindy, guess where I’m writing from? Well, if you already saw the cover of this card, I guess you know. I gotta’ say, it’s a wonderful place, here. Lot’s to see, lot’s to do. I kind of wish you were here with me, but, c’est la vie, right? God, you always were so cute when you’d say that little phrase after a plate broke or something. Anyway, I’m getting along okay here; can’t complain too much. I think I’ll be moving on soon enough, though. Gotta’ see the entire world! At least, that’s my goal. Look: I’m sorry you couldn’t be here with me, but…well, I guess I already said c’est la vie. Just know I’m thinking of you, okay? Well, gotta’ go for now. Look for another card from me soon. Who knows, maybe I’ll be just around the corner. Crazy world we’re all living in! Just do me one favor: after you read this, go onto the balcony where we used to dance and howl at the horizon once for me. I mean, only if you really want to. Gotta’ go.

Much love,

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