Monday, February 23, 2009

drawings and new work

Hey guys, some more drawings for you to end the drawing week, and also, here are some new poems I wrote today. A little background: I was reading an article on Donald Barthelme in the New Yorker. He is a writer that used found sentences in his work to borrow elements of collage from visual artists like Robert Rauschenberg. He was trying for experimentalism. So these two new poems are a bit, I think, in the milieu of using found sentences (or even something similar to William S. Burroughs' jump-cut method), but in place of found sentences, I used randomly generated thoughts that came while writing in a hyper-kinetic style. So it's a bit of a mash-up (to use the parlance of our times!) of poetry (and some prose too). Hope you guys like. So, drawings first, then some poems. Happy Monday!

a hand

range version 4

untitled 4955

it’s easy to adapt
a lover

and peel her new flesh
a bathtub drain.

I never never.

the story goes:

in the rain two indelible lovers had a fight with umbrella fronds and struck it rich while spilling down a storm drain; I think they have a small kid waiting in a smoking room with his father’s coat draped elegantly over his face; the world famous writers believe this too; they shock and awe agape as the boy goes to the window and turns the light off; his parents, of course, are still oversized in the rain throwing punches bitter, loving, and incredible; if this too, toss and step and gently close the door to the bathroom and turn off the lights.

I image greater still
a man falling

forever into an abyss of eternal


untitled 4954

the smoking umbrage
the after after

so jolly wit
can wicked

we so so

want the lust of the white

for me

and write a trilling sonata

dance in the doorway.

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