Monday, March 30, 2009

2001 2 6 and 2001 2 7

Hey, here's two more of my poems that pay homage to the amazing film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The screen captures are from 'the light show' scene. And...two days left...until...

2001 part 2 6

the great ocean of time
rests in
the midst of my

and I drift through the absence
of space

upon returning to my future
and my children
I chanted
the best of us will
be stardust

creeping into cosmic
of time
and space

and you will know that it is
blue blue

when I raise my hand upon your spine
and hiss the one
of god that you shall
know as
law and name

my dove

space metal

2001 part 2 7

heavens I saw
a nuclear
end our lifetime

and in the wrappings of dust
billowing about
the face
of the planet

I heard the cry of starburst novas
in the past

reaching us too late
and knowing

oh knowing

it is ever a frost on the tip
of a window
that descends into
the valley
of the infinite

for time is ever present and
as such beings that eat radiation
and destroy the
spin of atoms
are ever

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