Monday, March 9, 2009

anonymous has it again

Hey guys, here is the final poem in the "thinks to say" series. Hope you enjoyed. Also, go see Watchmen. Don't cry for Bubastis.

of the things to say, oh nevermind

of the things to say, oh nevermind
you saw an alley cat fall
a piece of glass

your parents’ marriage was a laugh.

you should be dancing, or
no music, you should
be stomping your feet.

I will say:

the thought of going to work and eating in a break
and shuffling every morning to arise
at a similar time and to take off
my shoes only when I arrive home
to be ousted and dissatisfied for
complaining that the eagle is caught
in the razor wire,


imagine that I am a large rock sitting in a wooded
hissing as the breeze fecklessly graces
my hide.

if it wasn’t so gentle,
you know?

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