Friday, March 13, 2009

the atomic bombs 9.mp3

Hey guys, here's the last installment of 'The Atomic Bombs.' Jeff and his brother and a friend did the music and I did the words. Ah, they're still out there, somewhere now, those cads in the 'Bombs.' Rock and roll never died; it just got lost in the fifties.

the atomic bombs 9
Christopher Savage

those who had seen
the band

remarked that the men
resorted to

over cool;

they were

fables brought in
sports jackets

chanting about
life under

where good kids can’t go wrong
burning down

those who loved
the music

would tell stories of how the singer tossed his pocket
comb into
the center of the audience
laughed, screaming for
everyone to chase
after it;

the atomic bombs played
a song together
they happened to meet up in Korea towards the end of the war;

they joked that this
was the height of the world
and ventured a gaze towards the Pacific

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