Tuesday, May 5, 2009

did you think I'd forget about my pretty ones?

Hey guys, here's a new poem. And followers, please follow me along to the two new blogs I'm doing as well (bohococo.blogspot.com and dumbsville.blogspot.com). Thanks, groovy people. Boho!

catalogue: D

D is for the grand failures,
the sore economies,
the bungled adventures, and all
robbed and beaten whores
in alleyways collecting
the remnants of beautiful wigs
about by scoundrels and varmints;

other things occupy the same
space as love on rainy days:
grey gargoyle bits:
pistol fools:
sour milk:
mashed teeth:
mittens and kitten hearts:
painful soliloquies:
architects’ sobriety:
tardy students;

oloph and erggo
and arriivvii
and the sim sim;

go in the gusto, kid, grab
your rain coat
and slip it down the drain
into the wonderworld
of the forgotten beasts;

I saw a mother pick up the
little kids with two hands
and push them about, slinking
with bravado the grand
structure of do-this and

in the season, we as such want our
best friends to make us
pretty, to construct a myth of our
liking, and to push us down
a ravine

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