Thursday, July 9, 2009

one poem of two

Hey guys, finally, some poetry from ol' Christopher Rufflebottom. This is one of two poems I wrote on the fourth of July. Happy birthday, America, you fuck! Long live rock and roll! To read the other companion poem to this, check out: Baklava!

birthday: America

it’s my country’s
birthday today.

bless you in five ways, oh

bake those apples in clove and
dump cinnamon on
their hides;

catch a horse and attach
beer bottles to its
black mane;

tumble a firework stand in
dust and run it
raw with red meat;

heckle a spectacle and kick it
a car tire;

be bold and shoot your gun into the
supple sky.

there-in now we all
feel awkward
and just,
we have baseball and we
have sex and
we have

violence and our architecture.

happy birthday, America!

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