Monday, July 27, 2009

you just never know

...when a spy will show. How about some poetry?

spies in the field: telescope.

we leave tomorrow for another town
but it is
the same
as the last.
the telescope we use
to pierce a portal to
is cheap and rudimentary.

this is exactly as saying I can
approach a little woman
in the shade and ask
her for her glasses
and take her around
the bend and go
into a tiny house and make love.
or it
exactly as saying I have
no couth.

the courageous youth in our midst would
say something different;
that is their task,

gargling in the aviaries and
the discos, humping things,

growling, grabbing their faces and their hair.

I have now with me a brand new telescope;
we are hoping for something new,
the eternal hope,

and we will be rewarded, we believe,

when I point my view upward and close my eyes.

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