Friday, September 4, 2009

destroy the things you love, destroy the things you hate

More poems about being a prematurely old grump! Hooray! Dig!

celebrate destruction: of a taxi cab

destroy the cab

you are around the block;
cave the lamppost,
let it’s gravity
do the trick,

lick your thumbs, speed the air

assail a subway car and toss a bottle atop
the yellow scarabs and
beetles and

grow old knowing
you’ve killed
the consort of the drunk

and delightful.

a taxi cab made rich
only once

while spinning madly into the mouth of the

oh joy, splash
wonder where.

celebrate destruction: of a jaw

the jaw tugs

jagged and as it unclenches
and loosens
and grins,

one moment is spent spying the

tower in the distance;
this city

will have that jaw kicked in the cupboards,
down in the sewers,
drenched in rain,

because it is right to find use
once a destroyer

is left

some animal will play a game with it;
the blue light of a liquor store
shines evenly,

destroy that jaw and shove
a bottle

your mouth.

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