Tuesday, November 10, 2009

E.A.S.T. in one week!

Hey kids and kids and kids, I'll be performing at Co-Lab this following Tuesday the 17th at 7:30! Hey, I'll be portraying Atticus the Four-Faced Man. What is that? Who can say? Got to come out and find out! To celebrate, here is a new poetry series...and a picture...of a hand!

the misfits: terrible day

counts one to three
to four
to nine

and breaks the glass in the
his small baseball bat.

the buzzard flies into the city and chokes.

some small vagrants wandering
do their
ravage a business
wear his coat around their waste,
and flush his briefcase into
the gutter.

Che smiles, grabs an old
pizza box, causes it
to flap,
and jumps off a fire escape
a dumpster.

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