Tuesday, January 29, 2008

more city poems, untitled

Hey, I'm posting some more untitled poems of mine (some older ones from a series of poems I wrote about the city; and one new one). I wanted to get in on the city theme Jeff had going, because I'm a jerk, and why not? So, onward to victory, and this is a cool city too, but only if we kill all the yuppies. Okay?!

untitled 530

the youth


was standing

outside the whore house


snapping his



some City song

in his head


“…all the pretty ladies…”

he hummed aloud

and watched all the men

converge to

the yellow entry door


“…are so bold…”

he hissed

as he snap snapped


above him in a posh apartment


a lonely rich mother

was putting ice in a shiny glass

that had a painted smile upon it


the youth youth

stopped snapping

and spoke as quiet as he could


anxious if the City should ever overhear


“now I’m going to go

my way

and I have to make sure

that I go as a human


untitled 577

the cavalcade

of the riot


broke down main street


they demanded the

city people

care again


above them in neon lights


the City

flashed its

teeth at them


streamlined highrise



light down on their faces


all the rioters had


pens resting in their



they wanted to brandish


whenever they could


(it’s a sad world

and this City is mostly



but someday it will all be better

untitled 3974

you’re a windowsill

and you’re

teeth are glass

and you’re wondering about

frail women.

then shut your face

and hold

back the winter wind

and hope for hot candles, red wax,

and drip

and drip.


there is no magic in your hand

or your walk,

just the hair on your head

and your eyes

when they



he stabbed me on the boulevard

but I was

not so ready to die

and I kicked him back in his face

as he laughed

too many times

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Jeff D said...

Great! - I think the concrete jungle brings out the best in both of us...jeff