Monday, January 28, 2008

The City Theme

I want to share the first poems I wrote when I first moved to Austin. The idea was to write short poems at bus stops or on the bus. This would be the reason for the collection's title, Bus Poems.


Fog hangs over Austin
Its cold, but not too cold
The streets are wet
From drizzle
I am again riding the bus to work
Not worried about the traffic
Reading Book of Blues by Kerouac
And trying to write this poem

If I never drive again
I will be fine
Taking the bus is a pleasure
Think about gas prices my friend
Think about road rage
Why are you driving?
I think this as I look out the window
And see the cars, trucks
Public transportation works for me

Working Class Blues (Looking to Party)

Overworked and
That is how most of us feel
The ache bones of people surround me
Now as I sit
Riding the bus home
after work
No stress yet
Probably later
I look at the book on my lap
And think about all my re-readings
Why don’t I go out tonight
And party?

The city wants me
To drink her down
But my feet hurt
Working all day
Walking around and around
Blanton Museum of Art
I walk in circles
W/thoughts blazing trails
In my brain
I should try to find a friend
Or some special woman
To sweat over

The First End

This passion’s first peak:

My true occupation
Is seeker of love
These days
I live and operate in a
Vocational haze

At work or commuting

I see my reflection
In the back of my mind
Lurching forward
This bus ride gives me time to ponder
And scribble

All I want is love

I’m glad I don’t drive the bus
I’m just a guest
Every day
& every night

I ride and think and write stupid poems

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