Monday, February 11, 2008

Brand New Po'tree

A new poem titled This is a Love Song. I think it will be included in my yet to be titled collection. Does anyone have any editorial comments?


We look like the Gestapo
We feel like 4th graders
This is our uniform

We do next to nothing
We walk the walk
This is our station

How many years have we been on our own?

We have questions
We have desires
This is our problem

This is not a human be-in
This is boredom
This is scary
This is shaping up to be quite a century

What this situation needs is a love song

This is a love song but…

This can’t be fixed with flowers
This guy doesn’t have superpowers
This aint as bad as it seems
This life is one of many ended dreams

How many years have we been on our own?

1 comment:

Chris S said...

Nice work, Barnyard. I'm interested in seeing how this poem fits into the others in your new collection. Sounds like everyone's waiting for the heartache to come!